Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wishing for a Change in Work Location

I’m lucky to have a husband that never drinks and never smokes cigars like cohiba because it can be dangerous to his health. With the kind of job he has its imperative to follow a healthy meal plan. He always arrive home late everyday because the store he’s working at wants him to be there at the closing time which is two to three hours past his regular time. The store closes at 10 in the evening if they’re located inside the mall unlike if they’re on their own site which closes around 7pm.

How I wish that he would be assigned to a near branch that closes earlier than his current branch. Actually there’s a branch just around 20 minutes drive from the house but he never asks the personnel to assign him unlike his office mate who directly asked the management to assign him on that branch. Luckily until now it wasn’t given to the one who requested. Hopefully their branch will start the renovation and reassign him to other branch much nearer so he can have more time with us especially the kids. Wishes!


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