Monday, December 10, 2012

Influx of Students in Public Schools

I learned through my church mates that public high school in their area has reached over the maximum capacity it can accommodate to teach properly. Its normal capacity has two class shifts in a day which schedules students in the morning and afternoon shift. They usually has 60 students in one class and this number is only normal to teachers. But now due to economic crisis there’s an influx of students from private schools who transferred in public schools. 

Reality sets in that some families has decreased their standard of living due to unemployment and hardship in looking for a decent job. Because of this parents don’t have a choice but to seek for a way that their kids can continue studying even without money to pay for tuition fees. Public school management is not allowed to reject enrollees from entering their schools which resulted in 100 students in every class. 

Now bigger problems arise with greater number of students in one class because there will be demands for more classroom chairs, text books and most important of all the teachers that will impart knowledge to them. I know that this situation has been escalated to the proper agency and I hope that they will do some smart solutions in bringing up good education not only to those who can afford to pay but to those who can’t as well.


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