Monday, December 10, 2012

Focusing on Healthy Lifestyle Again

My friends and I are into healthy lifestyle and habits and we promised ourselves that we’re going to be more disciplined this coming year. One of the things that we should be more focused is getting the right exercise and with it came the suggestion of one that we try out yoga for a change and buy yoga equipment next month to start the unique kind of exercise. Well I will try it of course even if I’m more comfortable with my old and tested cardio workout, zumba and tae-bo. 

Last year I was on a one-hour daily exercise and workout which improved my health but I gradually stopped due to busy schedule. Hope I will be forced to get back into the groove again and start the regular workout exercises again. Of course it will be matched with proper and healthy diet meals to be more effective. Last year I lost 1 kilo in a month so I’m pretty positive that it will work on me again.


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