Sunday, December 9, 2012

Learning and Loving Music

Education doesn’t end in learning academic subjects only because there are more things that you can learn to make your life exciting and meaningful. This is what I always imply to my kids to teach them the value of education not just in standard school but on other course of learning like cooking, sewing, arts, sports, crafts, writing and music. Not everything you need to know can be learned from regular school so you have to aim for those other learning experiences that will teach you not just your own value but of your skills and talents. 

Every time there’s an opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments I enroll all my kids to piano lessons for my two big girls and drums for my little boy. As music runs in our family they have flair for learning various musical instruments and they’re loving every minute of their stay in music school. I was amazed at how fast they learn that even if it was just a month’s study my daughter now plays some beautiful pieces that she studied and played on her own. 

I was so happy about it and promised her that I’ll enroll her again on guitar lessons next time. Now she’s been talking about some guitar accessories they need in school which she found in Bigsby at musicians friend. She’s been visiting the site already and found some nice ones to buy. Anyway she’s so engrossed in searching for some nice music pieces to be played on piano that she forgot to ask me to buy it for her. Well it’s not everyday that I see such enthusiasm and I admire her attitude.


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