Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Allergy Season

Our community health center warned us that measles are currently spreading now and we should protect our kids from getting it. It’s one of the common skin illnesses during summer days and now it’s striking very early. Well it’s not as surprising as the intensity of the sun’s heat nowadays is like the summer heat on months of April and May while the other part of the globe is shoveling inches deep snow. In their houses they need to be warmed and some houses are installing underfloor heating to enjoy the warmth temperature. You really can’t tell the weather now as daytime brings intense heat while at night the air is so cool. The earth has changed a lot as there are many irregularities in the climate season.

Now I’m telling Josh to stay away from the sun while playing. We have a big backyard at the center of four houses in our compound and Josh plays most of the day there. I’m afraid that he might incur skin allergies related to severe exposure to sun and dust. I have a friend who is very sensitive when it comes to dust and air. She easily gets sick and develops skin allergies every time she was exposed to excessive dust. Worst thing about this is she’ll start sneezing as soon as she smells it and her asthma will follow on worst scenario. When she travels around the city she must ride in closed cars and not on open vehicles.

It greatly affects her outdoor activities and because of her sensitivity to dust and polluted air she seldom go to open air markets where she will be exposed to harmful pollution and dust. She’s a very good friend and easy to get along with even if she has some allergies she didn’t let it hamper her activities. To prevent her allergy from recurring she stays away from dusty places and takes a lot of Vitamin C and fruits. When you see her now you’ll never know that she’s suffering from allergies because she takes good care of her health. Even if it’s the season where allergies are easily incurred she’s very well protected.


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