Friday, February 19, 2010

Working at Home is the Best Choice

I’m in a rush today as my offline and online tasks keep on battling which will come first. Some of my tasks will be expiring this midnight and tomorrow but my duties here in the house can’t wait to be second priority. I’m just laughing it off as its better now than when I’m working in a company where I have to beg for my leave to attend to my kids’ small activities in school. There was a time that my kids’ birthdates were questioned because they can’t accept that I’ll be asking for my vacation leave to be signed many times in few months as I have 3 kids. Then I have those frantic days of asking permission to go on half day because of PTA school meeting or when I have to get my kids’ school cards. To add to this I have to explain using my vacation leave again to attend their recognition award ceremonies and graduation. Feels like I always have to explain that I have 3 kids and they need me in school once in a while.

Sometimes I get upset when I’ve already secured permission to leave but my boss will ask some work to be done before I left even if the time is obviously not permissive. My half day becomes under time though my leave will be deducted a half day’s worth. Anyway no need to be upset now as my time is my own schedule and it’s up to me whether I’ll check those reviews about the best weight loss pills first or go now to accompany my daughters in watching their school’s Ms. San Juan contest. They're so excited about it and requested me to come for them. The latter was chosen, can't resist my kids.


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