Thursday, February 25, 2010

Waiting for Graduation Sked!

I’ve planned to go to TUMCS today to get Ruth’s hardcopy of exam results (got it over the phone last week) and the school’s letter of requirements to be completed prior to enrollment but due to pending tasks I’ve decided to do it tomorrow or next week since it’s too early to enroll Ruth in high school. They still haven’t got a date for graduation ceremony and DH was worried because they need to seek permission for a leave of absence way before the real date. Josh will have his graduation on the 22nd of March and I’m hoping Ruth will have her schedule before April.

The school is still waiting for the district decision of date and no one is authorized to do that than the district head. Janet and I were elected as two of the graduation officials for this year’s graduation but Janet can’t reserve the venue without a date, oh well she’s smart enough to reserve the last week of March as per our guess lol! I’ll keep on praying that it will not be on the 31st of March as we’ll be going to Tagaytay at midnight.


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