Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unpacking Our Baggage

We all have problems of our own but the solution relies on how we handle it.  First thing that I do is to think and ask myself the cause of the problem and how I'm going to deal with it.  If it's too much to handle by myself I seek the help of my family who can give me not just assistance but love and understanding as well.  
We all have cross to carry and baggage of anxieties in our life but if we have someone to help us unpack them we will be able to do it easier and make the load lighter to carry.

Of course God is the best to help us with.  We just have to unload and unpack it before Him and let his guiding hand lead us to solutions that will lighten our cross and erase our anxieties.  Trust Him to carry it for us and we'll be able to realize that God will never leave us come what may.


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