Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On-going Residential Construction

My niece and her husband are having a small house constructed in our compound as she’s telling me it’s really more expensive to rent than to have your own. Actually they’re just renting until they have funds for the complete construction of their house. Little by little as their funds would allow they’re having the construction in stages so by summer vacation they would be able to move in and stay in their own home. Now when I look at the construction going on I saw 5 workers pouring cement on the posts and starting the slab for the second floor. 

They’re lucky that it didn’t rained or they would worry about the cement. The sun showed its brightest today and poured kindness on the on-going construction thanks God. Anyway as I observe them while working this morning I saw them using various equipment, tools and wire rope in their present task for today. I saw them working with no trace of hardship on their face but I know how hard construction work is because it’s my brother’s business also. Well maybe they’ve grown used to hard work that’s why they’re working as if it’s an easy job.


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