Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pleasure of Reading

My flair for writing stemmed up from my hobby of reading.  I'm very fond of reading since I was in secondary school and this hobby has given me so much knowledge on various fields of life and expanded my horizons of knowing things.  I value reading as a good part of education because at the time that I was in a reading hobby internet and e-books are not available yet.  Now that students can have their research through google and wikipedia and can read various e-books I still believe that manual system is still the best with regards to reading and in finding research work through encyclopedia books.

Times has changed a lot since the time that I was in school but I still recommend reading as a form of education to students where they learn things through conservative ways and not just google something for the information they need.  They still have to realize that you can be entertained and be happy in reading without so much cost.  It's affordable and very educational.


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