Friday, September 3, 2010

Stories from the Old Folks

When I hear conversation about gold I remember the folks in my Mom’s hometown province. I remembered them well when they talked over coffee about the years of war times and how the foreign soldiers buried their gold treasures under the ground. They’re talking about it because one of the town folks was rumoured to have sold a gold bar to a buyer of precious metals and the money he got from it was used to built his new house. As a kid I thought it was just like what I saw in television but now reality sets in that the story I heard was true. After we moved out and transferred to my father’s hometown near the city we would hear same stories of precious metals and jewelleries being found under the ground. Those lucky fellows are those who have inherited the land from their ancestors, the land which was used by the foreign soldiers to hide their treasures.

Now those stories were told from generation to generation but I still have to find out if all those stories were true. In this generation you don’t have to hide them under the ground but you can buy and have it stored safely in the bank or you can keep them until it appreciates value. It’s a tangible investment and can give high returns of capital.


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