Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love it Here!

My friend who is now living in California would sometimes ask me if I want to live and work abroad. Of course I would always say no because I'm one of the small percentage of Filipinos who love living here despite the struggling economy, some undisciplined countrymen and the known corruption. If there are bad things there are more good things in life here. The simple pleasures in life that you cannot buy like the frequent salo-salo of families where visitors doesn’t have to inform that they’re coming and still they will be served as if they had reservation lol! I remember seeing some old folks in the farm having some funny moments while sipping their black coffee. They seem to forget the time. Time is not running out on them (such an envy). There are other simple things that I know I will not be able to do if I live somewhere else. It’s quite hard living here but I still love my own! This country may not be the best but I know I’ve got the best people around me. I love my family, relatives, friends in school and work, online friends and my life here.


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