Friday, October 9, 2009

Missing Snail Mails

One thing that I miss in this high technology generation is when a postman called my name in our gate and tells me ‘you’ve got mail’. I can’t explain my excitement over those letters sent to me. During my primary and secondary years I’ve been receiving letters from a childhood friend in our province in Laguna and some letters from relatives abroad. I would always check on our mailbox which is so much like Custom Mailboxes and if I found one for me that would make my day.

Actually my Mom was the fanatic in our house when it comes to mails as her close relatives live in California and she used to receive letters and packages from them. It used to make her very happy and I was excited too because my hobby then was stamp collection. I would always show my international stamps to my pals. Those were the days when there’s no mobile phones and internet so we value those letters in our simple mailbox, we do not have Personalized Mailboxes then but if it were available then we would have ordered one for our house because our family loves personalized things. Anyway we were happily contented with landline telephone and snail letters.

Now modern technology offers multiple form of communication fast, quick and easy. With the recent technology in mobile phones, instant messaging and emails you can send and receive messages instantly no matter how far you are to each other. It’s amazing isn’t it and I have never imagined life would be like this especially when I looked back at the times that it would take two weeks for my Christmas card to reach my godmother in California. But inspite of this I still love snail mails, those letters gives me a feeling of warmth caring so I still want mailboxes for our homes. And I found quality and elegant Whitehall Mailboxes which really suits my style and taste. I’ve always loved hard carved wood sculpture on metal and this is what I want for my mailbox. I’m still choosing from their selection of wall mounted, ultimate, superior and premium but actually they’re all beautiful and sure to make your front exterior lovely.


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