Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Homebody Test

Your Home is Comforting

You believe in putting your needs first, and you avoid depriving yourself.
You are likely to have a home full of your favorite things - from soft pillows to delicious food.

You believe in living in the moment. If you feel like having home baked pie, then you'll have home baked pie!
You could never feel at home in a sterile or unpersonalized house. The best homes feel lived in.

A home should be comforting enough because it's our security and private zone. It's where we mend our broken hearts and dreams when we need to. It's the place where you can be your own self without pretense and much effort. It's where we build our dreams and start our family. In our own home we always like to cook up something good and special not for the visitors but for our own consumption. We like eating and having some picnic around the house or in our patio. We like comfort and enjoyment in our own home because it's where our hearts are.


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