Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vacation Break From Work

After long hours of working in my PC I felt the need for a quick and relaxing rest in the bed with soft pillows to caress my head from a slight headache. That’s the only side effect I’ve been getting from prolonged exposure to computer. All my life I’ve been working with PC in front of me and I can stay for 24 hours or more online without so much of a fuss. But now if I stay for more than 10 hours online without resting I felt a slight headache, maybe it’s because I’m not getting any younger and I should be on a health watch these days. Or I can just surmise it as fatigue from overwork and very hectic schedule.

I know I should be careful now with my eating and sleeping habits if I want to stay healthy. I also should give that vacation plan some thoughts so I can relax my mind and body completely. Oh how I would like to take that romantic vacation riviera maya which I found online while browsing for some assignments. Their offers and packages are so great you couldn’t resist it. It would be nice to rest in the white-sand beaches of Mexico. Overworked mommy and daddy should really give themselves some break as nice as this one.


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