Friday, June 11, 2010

The Best Treasure You Can Get

We came from a family of school teachers. My mother and two sisters of my father were public school teachers when they were younger. My Mom is a retired teacher now but still imparting knowledge to my children. She helps me in training and guiding them in their everyday assignments, school projects and academic activities. My kids got honors from their studies and I know that the reason for that is my Mom’s effort and patience in them.

DH and I also teach and guide them in their studies and we try to set a good education pattern to them so when they start to research college degrees they would know what to do and what to look for. We want to impart to them the value of education and of having a college degree in getting the job they want. It’s the best treasure that we can give them because education and knowledge cannot be stolen. It will never be lost as no one can take it away from them. That’s what our parents told us when we graduated from college.

So for those who wish to have the treasure that we have visit CollegeDegreesToday and search for online and campus-based schools where you can choose the degree of your choice. Try to choose the one whom you love best. It’s inspiring to study when you love your college course and be at your best so you’ll have the chance to get a good-paying and interesting job.


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