Monday, June 7, 2010

Switching to Contact Lens

I wear prescription glasses since I entered university and since then I haven’t changed to wearing contact lens even if most of my friends are using it. I’m very used to wearing my glasses and I can do almost all my works with glasses on all the time. I even compete on a volleyball tournament wearing my glasses. I actually love wearing it because due to long period of time I came to love its imperfections like its not comfortable wearing it and I will look old. Those comments don’t affect me because I almost grew up wearing it and since I’m using the lighter kind of glasses it’s not so hard wearing it.

Now I’m beginning to feel a little discontented on my glasses as when I’m reading a book I need to put it away unlike in the past that I can wear it even on close reading. My sister is wearing contacts and since she has used it she never want to go back so I’m also considering switching from my glasses to contact lens. I’m thinking of trying Acuvue oasis because it was a well-known product and has a nice reputation of bringing quality products to the public.

I’m giving myself a few more months to decide on buying Acuvue oasis contacts. Anyway it will surely be a best buy for me because it’s has a high UV rays, visibility tint and the inside-out market, all of its features designed to give the consumers the best comfort and health when they wear contacts.


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