Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Does Your Least Favorite School Subject Say About You?

Disliking Foreign Languages Says You Are Creative

You are creative, non-conformist, and a rule breaker.
For you, foreign language is too structured. You don't like the exacting standards set in a foreign language class.

You believe that close enough is good enough. You are definitely not a perfectionist.
You're more likely to make up your own language than learn an existing language. You rather create than mimic.

I do like almost all subjects that's why I chose foreign language because it's the least favorite. I also like the subject as it excites me to learn different cultures, tradition and languages but not all languages. I'm contented to learn to speak and write well in English, in other languages I find no reason now to learn because I'm here in my own country and besides English is the international language. I will like it more to learn different dialects of my country.


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