Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Hide When You Can Decorate Them?

Cables sometimes ruin the looks of a good home design and we always find it hard to hide them all. I experience this with our computer area in the house where I always think of ideas on how to minimize the clutter and not-so-good looks of cables for computer, printer and internet.  Sometimes I hide it at the back of the table and some at the back of the printer but nevertheless I can't achieve the clean look.  Those cables are so important to me but the area really looks messy most of the times especially that our desktop computers are for my kids.  

Well just looking at the picture above makes me relax at the sight. With this I don't have to hide the cables I just have to decorate them so instead of looking messy it will add a decorative look to the place.  Such fantastic idea and I will surely do it in my computer room and to other place in the house.  This time my creativity will have to surface so I can think of nice decors for the cable.  You can try it too.


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