Saturday, January 12, 2013

Looking Forward to Summer Vacation

Time flies so fast and the first month of the year is running so fast it’s almost the middle of the month. My office mates and I were always talking how fast time is because you’ll be amazed at how the days gone by and few days after now it will be the end of the month. What I’m looking forward now is the most favorite vacation of all which is the summer vacation. This school and summer break is the longest vacation for students in a year so we’re doing all efforts to enjoy being together with the kids. 

I would again love to spend some days in Montalban where we get the best weather and nature while not being far from the city. I would just see to it that I have my prepaid broadband on the go so I’ll stay connected while away from my home internet. I also promise myself to buy a new camera and laptop bag like the northface bookbags I saw recently. I need a tough bag for my precious gadgets and working tool so I want high quality bag which I can only get from known brands. I always want my things organized so I’ll look for something neat and simple but high in quality.


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