Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Week’s Vacation for the Kids

I noticed that my kids felt so tired after a day’s stay in their school. I know how tiring it is to study the whole day and have those assignments to do after school hours. My youngest will just change into his house wear and eat his snack after arriving and then he’ll start doing his assignments so he’ll be free earlier for whatever he still wants to do. My eldest will arrive next and will do the same. The other daughter arrives later and she has to be very fast because she has little time left before dinner and she gets tired and sleepy before 8pm.

Well with all these observations on the pressure of doing school tasks hubby and I are planning to give them a week’s vacation for them after the semester. When they learned about it they got excited and as early as now they’re getting ready for it. Well it’s a grand vacation like those national parks tours that we’re dreaming about. That tour will have to wait for a longer vacation period and longer saving period too. We’re just planning to have few days in the coolest region of the country and have some relaxing vacation there. Yes I’m dreaming of having those china tours because my former employer used to talk about it when he went there and it seems like I’ve gone there also. I was thinking now that he has never been to any canada tours in his travel destinations. I’m wondering if he’s not interested to go to that country. For me going there will be nice also because I have many friends working and living there for several years now.


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