Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slimmer Brother

My brother went into a cleansing diet program for 10 days where he’ll go to a certain place and there he’ll drink a cleansing drink and they had a little community where they share experiences on gaining and losing weight. It’s a healthy way of losing weight and after the 10 day cleansing period they would start drinking herbal fat burner tea. I wonder if the hydroxycut max advanced will work just like what my brother is into because after just 10 days his tummy was remarkably smaller.

He invited me to join them while he’s into the weeks following the 10 days. He and his wife offered to accompany me throughout the cleansing period but I opt not to enroll because it would take my morning work off and I couldn’t afford the budget plus the time. I have many plans for house renovation and I’m saving for it so I’ll just stick to my natural diet, no time pressure and no expenses.


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