Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Good Uncle

My uncle who is a second cousin of my Mom grew up with her like a best friend. Mom would always talk about him riding on a bicycle with her on the highway near the rice field and she was always protective of him because he was smaller and younger than my Mom. They were close up to when they finished studies and started working. Soon after they had their own families they missed communications as Mom lived in the town of my father and Uncle Ramon lived in the city. They both left their provincial hometown and reunited after 15 years. It was such a happy moment for the two cousins and we were part of it as every other weekend he would drop by the house after his golf activities. He even offered me a nice job in one of the prestigious companies in Makati but I declined as I found a job on my own in my career field. 

He was such a great help and inspiration to us and been like a father since my own father had undergone mild stroke. We never knew that behind the happy face he was suffering from diabetes and one day we learned that he died on severe attack of his diabetes. We were surprised, sad and from then on I considered diabetes as a disease that should be taken care of with intense monitoring and supervision because it can lead to complications of some sorts. It should also be cured with the right medicines that can give treatment and not severe side effects like that of Actos, an oral diabetes medicine that was found to cause cardiovascular and bladder injuries. I learned that victims of this drug can now file for Actos lawsuit since recent studies confirmed that it can lead to heart attacks, heart failure and bladder cancer. If you’re one of these people you can get help from Actos Injury lawyers at O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath.


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