Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Kids' Future Jobs

I was having fun with the kids watching a movie when we talked about their ambitions in life. That’s the term they used when they want to talk about what they want to be after college. As young as they are they have their goals in life already. The eldest would want to be a Civil Engineer like my brother and I think she’s fit as she’s good in Math, has a gift with arts and design, has an analytical mind and a flair for beautiful homes and buildings. The second wants to be a Professor or Teacher just like my Mom. She’s actually the achiever among the siblings and I think that she’ll be a good contribution to the field of Education with her zest for learning things. She also has the best patience with teaching kids so I think she can deal with them.

I asked them if no one with go with Business Analyst Jobs in the future and my youngest kid answered me that he’ll think it over but for now he dreams of being an Architect. He whispered to me that our house will be his first project lol! Well time flies so fast and in time I’ll have an Engineer, Teacher and an Architect in the house when I’m older and writing again at home.


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