Friday, August 12, 2011

Gift Ideas for My Siblings


I’ve been thinking about my siblings’ birthday and they’re just two if you must know. I have one brother and one sister which I thought in the past very few compared to my other friends’ siblings. They said that we’re perfect in numbers just like what you will see in the nursery books where there’s an elder brother, an elder sister and the youngest kid. We have harmony in our birthdates we have every other month birthdays starting in August and ending on December. We’re three kids in the family and we have 3-year gap each which you might say very organized and planned but it’s really a coincidence that we have 3-year difference in age.

imageAnyway what I’m thinking now is my gift for them on their coming birthdays and been searching the net for some accessories for ladies and men like bulova watches, bags, shoes or their favorite type of clothing. It’s much easier to think of gift for my younger sister as we have more or less the same penchant for things except that she has more class in taste lol! She goes for more trends in fashion while I opt for simple things. I prefer gadgets than women’s accessories while she fancies accessories. If I have more financial blessing this month I want to give her what she really wishes for her birthday as I’m her only sister who knows her wants the most.


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