Saturday, August 6, 2011

Promise Ring

Every time I see the ring on my finger I remember how Ed and I have vowed our promise on our wedding day. Even before we got married we already said our vows that we will love each other come what may but the ring has symbolized the strength of our promise and our love. As our officiating Pastor said when we slipped the ring on each other’s finger that the circle shape of the ring symbolizes infinity meaning endless and boundless love.

And so love should be like that between couples, their love should see them through the storms of life and in every trial that they will meet along the way. Glad to find more about promise ring and how its meaning became the promise of one’s love or loyalty in I love reading about love, marriage, symbolism of ring and everything about the promise ring. I even love seeing several beautiful rings which can also be your choice of promise ring to your loved ones.


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