Sunday, July 8, 2012

Visiting our Dear Brethren

We were very happy in our church because our dear church mate has just survived a major attack of asthma and hypertension. She was in ICU for several days and amazingly recovered after the whole church healing prayer. When husband and I visited her on the hospital she’s looking better than when she first arrived in the hospital. We saw that her cheeks got some rosy color and she can talk and smile at us. I don’t like going to hospitals and seeing patients in bad state of health but I really want to see her so we decided to drop a visit after office hours. 

Passing by hospital reception we saw some patients in emergency room and equipments like pulse oximeter, ambulatory monitors, medical carts, blood pressure monitors and a lot more. Our patient was then located at the 7th floor and before we got there I prayed that everything will be fine which turned out good as many of our brothers and sisters in the church were already there attending to our sick sister. We conducted a prayer there and happy that our patient has showed positive signs of recovery. We’re hoping that by next week we’ll be able to see her in our Sunday fellowship.


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