Monday, February 27, 2012

Hand and Knee Care

I take care of my health to the best of my ability because I have three growing kids and I don’t want them to grow lacking my care and support. After my annual physical examination I was happy that all results turned out good except that I have to lose some excess pounds which I’m doing now for more than a month. I have planned for myself a vegetable diet program for 5 continuous days in a week and cut down on rice, sugar, coffee, sweet breads or cakes, fatty foods like pork, chicken skin and a lot more. The idea is to consume more healthy foods than less nutritious foods. Well now my efforts are paying off because I’m slowly losing weight and even my past light ailments are decreasing including the pain I’ve experienced with my hands when I’m overworked from writing online.

My hands are the most overworked parts of my body because I work for more than 10 hours handling computers at work and at home. I fear for any ailment because I would not be able to do the art of lettering if I will have shaking hands. I even searched for medical services about Hand Care should I will have a need for my own health. OSC provides expertise on hand treatment with the combined medical approach of surgeons and physical therapists treating injuries and problems on hand and wrist. Their hand services include endoscopic surgery, carpal tunner, physical and occupational therapy and ultrasound.

OSC offers medical services for orthopaedic and spine related problems especially on Knee Care. They make every effort to give the best orthopaedic care which includes medical professional experts, state-of –the-art medical facilities, well-trained and accommodating personnel, orthopaedic techniques and individualized care for patient. We know that most of our senior family members suffer from arthritis or other cases of knee pain due to old age so it’s good to know that there’s a place where you can entrust your loved ones to experience the best knee surgery and care services they deserve. Among the care and treatment they give are knee replacement surgery, knee arthroscopy, advanced knee cartilage treatment, patellar surgery and a lot more knee-related services.


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