Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Cute Visitor

Whew! Got a cutie visitor today – my niece daughter 1 month old baby Sofia fondly called as IYA. Her Mom entrusted her to us for more than 2 hours before her checkup with her doctor. She has two grannies to look after her my Mom and my Auntie but when she cries she only stop when it’s me who will carry her, funny baby! My Mom told the others that nobody can make me get off my chair from blogging but when Iya cries I stand up as fast as I can and embrace her. She doesn’t want anyone to carry her but me. Oh dear with all my due tasks today I’m lucky that I finished more than half of it before Iya made it obvious that she only wants me to cuddle her. Anyway it’s worth it as she’s so cute, soft and smells like milk hmm. I can still smell her on my shirt. Lovely!


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