Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashionable Yet Affordable Flooring

My brother dropped by the house today to check on my Mom. He also told us about the recent renovation he did with his house. After the flood last month he decided to elevate his ground floor up to 2 feet higher so he’ll not be affected anymore when a sudden outburst in dams happened again. His house was hit twice with a knee-deep submersion and he did the general cleaning for two rounds. He’s so tired that he promised himself he will not let that happen again. 

They’re quite finished with the renovations except for the finishing and that includes choosing the best tiles for his ground flooring including kitchen and bathroom. As construction is his business and Engineer by profession he has plenty of Tile Options and suppliers offering him discounts but he wants to choose tiles with not just quality but style as well. He wanted his home to be a model of what he offers to his clients so he did take real effort in coming up with an impressive flooring. 

Well with all these consideration in mind he also wants his renovation to be affordable without sacrificing the beauty of his house just like what Viking Carpet One offers to those who want competitive price for quality and stylish flooring. They have a big showroom showcasing their tile flooring products with various patterns, sizes, and colors. As they have a broad collection one will be sure to get the perfect flooring for their homes at a price they can afford.


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