Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work and Health Hazard

My friend applied in a semiconductor company doing some parts in advanced technology for phones and when she got employed I learned that it’s for a local big company here. She used to be my office mate and she hold a regular position in the company but we figured out that their department is really not a stable one so she resigned and transferred to another company. That job she replaced with her former one didn’t last long so she applied to another. She’s very competent and flexible so she didn’t find it hard to look for another job. She’s also young so there are no limitations yet. 

I remember myself working in semiconductor company also in my first year of employment and so amazed with what I’m doing. It’s nice to work in manufacturing companies sometimes because you get compensation for overtime work unlike in offices where it’s often free. The only setback is that it’s not that safe sometimes because of the equipment and machines just like in the past decades when workers in some manufacturing companies were exposed in asbestos. They incurred deadly sickness from that exposure and later found themselves asking help from Mesothelioma lawyer to seek justice and rightful claims on their compensation. 

It’s hard ending your job like that because you’ll not be able to work anymore with incurred diseases. It’s unfair that some owners and employers didn’t warned workers of hazardous materials present in their work. It’s their responsibility to do such things as alarming and warning workers of the deadly risk they’re taking when exposed to some chemicals and elements. I’m glad that asbestos was banned decades ago.


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