Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Dad’s Creations and Memories

I’ve always love visiting furniture store even before DH resigned from his work. He used to handle furniture, appliances and gadgets in his stock inventory and when I drop by their store I would take a peek of their products. I love both antique and modern furniture depends on my needs. We have mixed styles of furniture in the house because my father built them by himself several years back. His creations were of the highest quality because of the materials used and the craftsmanship. He’s a graduate of law but find tailoring and carpentry quite interesting. He found out he has above average skills on both. He made tailoring his business while he devoted his carpentry on our house. After he died we still kept our antique furniture in good condition to preserve his creation and memories.

Now we try to find and buy modern home furniture that depicts some character and distinction because it will add certain ambience in the house. Some others are just plain beautiful without the appeal and character. I guess it’s hard to find quality furniture at an affordable price. Dad must be so lucky that during his time raw materials are of high quality but a lot cheaper.


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