Monday, February 21, 2011

Better Sleeping Days

I’m so tired from working all day and all I want after my work is a good night sleep to give me enough energy to take care of my kids tomorrow. I have to make sure I sleep at least 6 hours a day to keep my mind and body function normally. I can work overnights and sleep for 2-3 hours only but at the end of the day following that I will feel dizzy and that makes me feel sorry that I’ve been abusing myself. Anyway I’m just thankful that I can sleep well now because several years back I had insomnia and it felt really bad that I thought of using natural sleep aid to make me fall asleep. 

Before the insomnia sickness I’ve been spending overtime and overnight hours in my work for several days doing bidding documents and technical proposals that never seems to end. If I could only buy sleep then maybe I’ll pay just to have regular sleep. That’s past now and I’m given the chance to sleep when I can because I’m working now in the comfort of my home. And though I have to get up at dawn to cook and prepare my kids’ school things I can spend an hour or so in the afternoon to make up for waking up so early. I feel so blessed with my present work.


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