Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding Security in Different Ways

I have plenty of offline works today and in the middle of the day I just want to rest my feet and my back for a while to rest, eat and blog. Yeah I find rest in blogging, visiting several favorite sites and doing some photo memes. My Mom would always tell me that she could never really work as hard as I am and that she can never do multi tasking as fast as I can.

I may look that way but the truth is I also feel tired and over fatigue; it’s just that whenever I feel I have enough for the day I immediately rest and relax. I also eat some very healthy foods which is always fruits and veggies. When I feel much stressed I eat chocolates which I always tag as my stress tablet. Well we all have our own way of bringing back our strength and our way of relaxing just like some of my friends who feel relaxed and secured when they have a good life insurance policy. People are different in their own special ways and opinion of being secured. As for me I find security in God’s protection.


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