Wednesday, January 13, 2010

:WW - Sisters at the Camp

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These are some of my sisters in our church and we had fun posing here during our lunch break while our kids are getting ready for their choir presentation. We had a fulfilling 4-day fellowship camp meeting service at Villa Dominga Resort in Indang, Cavite. The weather was so cool because it's beside Tagaytay City and it made us wear layer of clothes at night. For me a cotton jacket is not enough so I brought along my thick cardigans for extra protection from cold.

I have other entry of the ministers' pic at the camp here!

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Ebie January 15, 2010 at 2:04 PM  

Hi Race, I did not post about my accident in my blog. It was a hard hit, but I was very safe and not a scratch. The guy ran a red light. I was not actively blogging during the holidays. So you did not miss anything in my blog. I have not been EC dropping, have been too busy.

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