Monday, October 31, 2011

Preparation for December Camp Fellowship

Since we’re going to Baguio for our December camp meeting I’m now making a list of the things to bring for our four-day stay there. We’ve reserved few months ago in one of the buildings there but changed our mind when a friend of my Mom offered her 3-storey vacation house. It was such a blessing for us as we’re going to spend huge amount of money just for the venue site only. DH, Pastor and 2 others went there last week to check the house and when they finally saw it they’ve decided that it can suffice for our needs. They even saw that the 3rd floor would be ideal for our fellowship service and the other floors have plenty of foambymail latex mattresses for our sleeping beds.

We will just bring extra blankets for extra warmth and buy some basic disposable dining wares so we will not be using the house owner’s things. Since we want to travel light we will buy our groceries and food when we get there as there are plenty of supermarket and stores where we can get all our supplies. We’ll be having common food for all now that we’ve saved a lot of our venue money . All in all we have everything we need this coming December and we just have to continue with saving some of our money so we’ll have enough to spend on our vacation and fellowship. Everyone is excited and looking forward to having our fellowship first time in the summer capital.


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