Monday, October 31, 2011

Help in Getting Hearing Specialist

I’m sad to hear that one of my former office mates who happen to be the daughter of my very close friend in my kids’ school failed in the hearing test in her job application abroad. She was supposed to go to her Auntie in Qatar for a contract job and they’re only waiting for her complete medical exam results for her to fly and work there. My friend was devastated upon learning the condition of her daughter and search for good specialist to check on her. She told me that she needed big amount of money to finance medication and if she recovered she wouldn’t allow her to work abroad to protect her daughter’s health. 

I’ve asked some of my friends who are into Audiologist Jobs if they can refer me into a good doctor who can diagnose and treat such case. While waiting for some references I’ve told my friend to go to my neighbour who is a specialist on hearing difficulties and check if she can help them. My doctor friend will understand their situation and will not charge them huge fees if ever they will decide to start the treatment. I hope that in few months I will hear some good news about my office friend.


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