Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Education and Investment

We’ve been lazily conversing about the possible college courses that Ruth will want to take after four years when she finished secondary education. I think she’ll be good in Media Arts, Advertising or IT Courses. I can see in her a good future in those fields but I told her she can take any course that she feels would make her dreams come true. Now she really enjoys the changes in her life when she entered high school. She experience lots of changes and she’s very happy about it. Education is becoming more fun and exciting for her.

I’m glad about that because education is a key to everyone’s success and I would want my kids to finish their studies up to college. That way hubby and I will feel satisfied and secured that our kids will have something in them that no man can steal. It’s like having a sure investment like gold coins that appreciates value throughout the years. You’ll feel secured that no matter what happened you’ll have your returns from your capital. Precious metals increase in values over the years so when you have them in storage or safe bank deposit you’ll soon be reaping profits. That’s the way education and good investment relates to each other.


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