Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Investment Ideas

I’ve been talking to my friend in my kid’s school and she’s so happy that her daughters have stable jobs now. She experienced some financial problems in the past which made her work hard to help her husband who found himself out of job for several months. The husband was able to get freelance job but it was not enough for the schooling kids. Now my friend is so happy that her husband and elder kids have permanent jobs and there’s no need for her work hard. In fact she’s not working for about two years now and she’s only taking care of her family’s needs.

We’re talking our usual friends’ chit chat when I told her about the good value of gold coin and some investment ideas on it. I learned that we can expect higher returns of capital on precious metals like gold, silver and platinum so we might as well think about the good possibilities of buying them. Well the price is too high for us now but who knows? We might have a chance to afford those valuable investments in the future.


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