Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TheThought Bubble Test

Your Thoughts Are Emotional

It often seems like you think with your heart instead of your head. Passion is often clouding that brain of yours.
It's hard for you to be aware of your own thoughts, and you find yourself acting before you think things through.

Your thoughts often overwhelm other people, and they sometimes overwhelm you. You tend to say whatever is on your mind.
You react quickly and change your mind just as fast. You're always thinking about something!

I must admit I can be emotional sometimes but I’m not so hard headed at all.  I’m really a heart over head person but I have the ability to balance my feelings and emotions to arrive at the best decision.  I’m a mixed personality person but decision making is very important to me, planning is my forte and contrary to the test I think many times before I do things which is quite the opposite of my dear husband who is an impulse person.  When he thinks it over for a few minutes he’ll do it in the next minute.  I say what I think and what’s on my mind, a very frank person and avoid plastic personality on people.  But the most that this test is right about is that I’m really thinking about something.


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