Friday, April 24, 2009

Common Sickness Of Today’s Women

Yesterday JennyL and I visited the wake of my high school teacher Ms. Elida Rosas and found out that she suffered from cancer of the pancreas which was diagnosed six months ago. We met our batch mates there and discussed about the common sickness encountered by our other friends. We noticed that cancer diagnosed patients have little time to spare after being found out with that sickness. Is it environment or the food that we eat that’s causing this sickness to us? My godmother who passed away few years ago died of cancer also and she was one of the first cases that died few months later after being diagnosed.

My friend just a few blocks away from us died of cervical cancer and she also had little time to prepare her children for her last days.
It’s a painful and expensive sickness, one that medication can’t be afford by many but if you have noticed a great percentage of it is lurking on women. I just pray to God that whatever is plaguing this society will not surpass the power of God’s healing hands. Let’s all reach the hands of God for His protection and care. Never let go of HIM.


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