Friday, April 17, 2009

Doctor’s Statement

It’s my mom’s checkup schedule with our doctor and we want to surprise him with our good news so we didn’t inform him about the new changes in my Mom’s left eye. Upon reaching the eye center we talked to Cecile his assistant and told her that mother can see with both her eyes now. She was surprised and told us that she might just imagining it. She told us that some elders tend to talk about seeing with two eyes but the real fact is they’re just imagining things.

Dr. Aragon Belza was smiling happily when we told him about this. We told him that we include our mother in our church prayers and God has answered our prayers. He asked my Mom what she did to make her left eye see again. My Mom told him that she prayed hard to God to make her see again. He examined the both eyes with much amazement in his eyes and when he has finished with both eyes he declared that truly my Mom’s eye was healed.

He made a statement that brought us joy in his heart. He said that ‘As per my record and detailed observation last month your left eye can’t see a single ray of light, I will not take any credit on your eye, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t put any medicine and whatever happened to you Ma’am it’s all because of HIM!

See even our doctor with his expertise in medicine on eyes recognized the miracle that God has given us. All praises be given unto God.


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