Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanksgiving to God

My siblings and I were very happy about our Mom’s condition and promised ourselves to give a thanksgiving to God for all His unwavering assistance and help to us. Redge and I both testified to our church how God’s loving hands continued to take care of our mother. It’s hard to see your loved one having difficulty in moving because she can’t see a thing so it’s a celebration for us to see her happy with her operated eye.

In our church we told our brethren to bring the necessary things to cook something for salu-salo for our thanksgiving but we learned that one brother also wanted to prepare food for his birthday so it became a big celebration as we cooked 5 kilos spaghetti and gallons of ice cream. Everyone was happy about the condition of my Mom and sent their regards through us. They packed some of our food for her.


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