Monday, November 2, 2015

Functional Jewelry

Traditionally in the old generation jewels are used as gifts to royalties, dignitaries and for bride-to-be. The sparkling pieces of precious stones are one of the most desired gifts and dowries when a girl is asked for engagement. This tradition is passed through many generations and until now in our modern times precious jewels in several forms like necklaces, rings and bracelets are used to give to special someone on special occasions. Time changes but even in the height of this high-technology generation the practice of giving jewels remains the best form of showing your care and importance to a special someone. Engagement ring is still the most in-demand item to give your loved one when you’re asking her to marry you. 

Well now it’s not only known gifts, engagement or dowries but for functional usage as well. As we’re so much aware that jewels are so fashionable there are also those that can be used as a therapy for some illnesses. I also came to know about customised rings for career and occupation like police rings or the Joy Jewelers firefighter jewelry which is not only stylish but represents a certain uniqueness of its kind just like when firefighter fights to save people and properties from fire. Things are different nowadays and in this modern generation you’ll get more choices.


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