Monday, August 24, 2009

Run the Race

We need a lot of determination in order to achieve our dreams and goals in life, yes determination and failure cannot coexist because you only failed when you quit! Failure only happens if you stop trying and whether it’s a business, relationship, spiritual life, career or some other issues if you keep on trying you are in the game. If you want to win the race of life we must do everything to take off what’s preventing us from running and keeping off the sin that will pull us down where we could never have the strength to stand and run again.

The most important thing in running the race is focusing yourself on God and leaning on his strength to get you through the marathon. Despite all hardships and persecution thrown our way we have the happiness of seeing our final destination in life. Just always remember that God is our guide and when we run the race of life He runs beside us each step of the way. He’ll even carry us when we fall over, isn’t that something to be happy about!


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