Monday, August 24, 2009

Tired Eyes

I’m tired now and long exposure to my computer somehow worsens my backache. I’m thinking of getting some rest now after doing my tasks offline and online. I’m tired but I really enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes my Mom would told me that just looking at me working in the house and in my PC makes her feel worried that I’m overdoing my job. Mom told me to rest early in the night but I felt inspired to write more. You know I’m always like that my mind wouldn’t cooperate with my body or vice versa meaning my mind would tell me that I can but my body sometimes fails me. The moment that I feel some pain in my eyes that’s the only time that I would stop, people can be stubborn at times I admit.

Well then I don’t want to suffer pains in my eyes so I’ll stop now to rest and watch television shows, meanwhile I’ll be checking my SIL errands on searching for quality camcorders. She’s busier than me and can’t find the time to search for good camcorders and since I’m online most of the time she asked me to do it for her. Anyway I’ve found what I’m looking for in minutes, I’ll just forward the site name and presto she’ll buy it immediately.


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