Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Traits You Look for in a Romantic Interest

This week's theme is very interesting, let's see what I have in answer, I'm already married but when I'm still single these are the traits that I would like my partner in life to be, hubby is 95% fitted :-)

  1. A born-again christian, I want our married life to be centered to God, a man with a life devoted to serving God will create a home with kids close to God.
  2. Good perspective in life - every man should have this to be the head of the family
  3. Thoughtful, understanding, loving at all times
  4. Good sense of humor, someone who will make me laugh with our kids, that's near to looking at the bright side of life
  5. Sense of responsibility in everything, hardworking will fall into this category
  6. Honest & trustworthy
  7. Someone who will love me without boundaries
  8. Intelligent but not necessarily academically intelligent
  9. A man with maturity and integrity, someone you can depend upon
  10. Must love music like I do, someone who can sing to me when I'm down
I didn't include my preference for looks as it's not really a factor to me as long as he's tall, dark and handsome with deep set eyes and beautiful nose, not bad huh!


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