Saturday, August 1, 2009

Call Center Predictive Dialing Systems

I worked for a telecommunications company for more than 6 years and spent my stay there handling carrier settlement, billing and collection, human resource and administrative functions. It’s more like a multi-tasking job as I grow with the company, I’ve been there since it started even while I was employed in its sister company. My boss let me handled two companies and after sometime he legally transferred me to his telecoms’ company. Well I was happy then because the location of my new office is great and easy to travel.

My years spent in BT&T were years spent in learning telecommunications’ business, it’s not hard for me as I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering. I learned the craft easily with the help of my colleagues entering the field of accounting and at the same reviewing my education in communications technology. We have equipment and program packages to learn and I was glad to know all of those things as it helped me grow intellectually, you know work experiences are always a welcome thing for me. Actually it’s kind of exciting at first as we have VoIP termination, prepaid cards, direct inward dialing and many others.

We have gateway equipment and some telco systems like administrative systems for gateway management and equipment for our call center catering to America-based Filipinos like call center predictive dialing systems which helps a lot in our outbound call management. Our customer service managers used it for easy and quick access to information needed for our clients and their interaction with them. It’s very ideal for managing the usual volume of inquiring and applying customers. It’s very ideal for telecom companies’ outbound call service and we managed everything we need through this system. My boss really liked this system because we’ve gained improvement from it from customer service assistance to agent productivity up to reduced administration costs. Who wouldn’t be happy if something like this improve your call management and at the same time reduced some costs in the company expenses?


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