Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rainy Days Makes Me Lazy

Lately the weather is always on the rainy side and I feel lucky enough not to rush against the inevitable traffic when raining. It seems that traffic is the twin of rain showers, suddenly the cars are slowing down and people are rushing in to get transportation. I’ve observed and noticed this occurrence on my several years of traveling to work. I just felt lucky that I don’t have to protect my corporate clothes from being wet and tousled by rain.

Now that I’m here working at home the only problem is getting lazy and violating my discipline on time and work scheduling. And you know if it’s raining I tend to eat more, I know everybody does! I can’t afford to gain more pounds because I’m already on the verge of having excess of it so I have to be very careful with my food intake. I’m talking to myself to have discipline or else I might need be needing products like phentermine diet pills to regulate my weight. As of this writing I can still manage to control my weight not to add more but to shed a little. Hope I’ll manage these coming weeks as I have many activities lined for me in the coming months. I shouldn’t be too plump when I attend meeting and special occasions with former officemates and schoolmates. I still have four months to go.


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