Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Math Camp 2009

I accompanied my daughter Gen for the first time in her Math Camp last Aug. 7 wherein they will compete in various match challenges. It’s the first Math Camp competition ever because in the previous years they only had Math quiz bee, Math-rathon and other usual Math Challenge. This time together with 10 other schools chosen students from SJES vied for Math Investigation, Math Trivia, Math Rail, Math Race, Human Calculator, Mr.& Ms. Math Camp and some other Math Challenges including Math Yell and Cheers. The only thing that worried me then was that they only had one day to review after the screening, oh boy I’ve experienced being a contestant in a quiz bee and though it’s very exciting it’s not a very happy experience for me. But when I asked Gen and her classmates I was amazed at their courage and expertise in facing challenges and competition. They’re not in any way frightened, may be just a little nervous which was expected in any contestant.

We were about 3 batches of vehicles who went to Karangalan School as the school is the district center for Cainta District 1 and I get to see it for the 2nd time, the first time was with Ruth when they had won the oral language speech for ‘The Bells’ last year. I was happy enough for Gen and her partner Angelica who got a place in Math Trivia, it’s a difficult challenge as you’ll never know the boundaries of the trivia scope. SJES got the second place in Math Investigation, 4th in Math Rail and 3rd in Human Calculator, 4th in Math Yell/Cheers but nothing for other competitions.

All in all we were glad that even if they had no review for the competition they fight strongly and I wish that they will have at least one week notice for the kids because it somewhat affected their school academic as it’s also their periodical exams. Well anyway I just helped Gen review for her academic subjects the weekend after that. I told her to relax and rest that weekend as she’s also included in the group of students who joined the Journalism competition. We had a very hectic schedule that week and the coming week after that, I guess my being a WAHM helped them a lot now to be academically active.


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